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Chad Brown is a New School preacher with an Old School twist, he's Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Modern.His ministry driven vanguard has inspired thousands of believers around the nation. His unprecedented prophetic mantle distinguishes him as a remarkable, spiritual leader who makes a powerful impact in the Christian Arena.​

Chad is a young prophet who discovered early on in life, that GOD had blessed him with the special gift of channeling his word and delivering his message  with a moving and steadfast approach. Chad delivered his first divine message by the age of eight to a live audience, But it wasn't until the age of twenty-five, after losing it all to Hurricane Katrina that he had an epiphanous moment. Five days after the destructive hurricane in 2005 , Chad took a leap a faith and began his evangelical Chad Brown Ministries (CBM) ,  where GOD helped him save, heal, and baptize thousands in the name of the Holy Spirit.

CBM is a world-wide crusade that has successfully launched Miracle Mondays Church by Phone, a publishing company, music record label division,  and S.H.I.F.T Enterprise, a Life Coaching company whose mission is to motivate adults and teens to follow their dreams, overcome adversity, improve their lives and achieve short and long term goals.

Chad Brown walks in humility as is reminded  that every magnificent and quintessential gift comes from above.  He knows GOD will empower him as they continue to walk together. GOD will drive him to places he’s never seen or experienced before. GOD will bestow him with dedicated energy to continue healing with his divine prophecy.

He is married to the beautiful and supportive Melissa Brown, together they have 6 children, Destiny, Chad II, Jeremy, Christian, Doni and Austin




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